New Website on Wix

So, I have been “massaging” the Athletic Touch website for a few years now, trying to decide where to land.  This website has cost me 10’s of $1,000’s.  I remember a few short years ago spending $1,200/month on a phone book add and was excited when new people would call from seeing the add.  The add paid for itself with the amount of new clients that came in every month.

But now, websites are a totally new animal. has been really great!  I feel so good about my website, even with all the holes and problems it has.  I’m excited about it.  My co-workers are excited about it.  I can change virtually anything I want RIGHT NOW!  I love that!  I used to have to

1. write an email request

2. wait for a response

3. explain my email requested

4. wait for a response, etc, etc

With Wix, I change what I need right away.

There is so much to learn about how to set things up on a website, what colors to use, how many pages, etc, etc.  I have used expensive SEO companies, smaller management companies, and a Spa company who focus only on spa businesses.  Through it all, I’ve learned how to place widgets so they will be seen and how to make each visit easy for the visitor.  And, the things I learn change everyday. has made this process very easy for me.  They have a list of widgets to choose from, like site counters, forms, schedules, etc.  I wish I had found earlier.  I can move things around, add pictures, align everything, link pages.  I’m having lots of fun.

What lesson was the most helpful??  Trust yourself.  If you want the prices page to look a certain way, don’t listen to employees of web companies telling you not to do what you think and feel will look best, speak clearly to visitors, etc.  Several times, the companies that helped me completely ignored my ideas, stating how much experience they had and how “inexperienced” I was.  I’m not a push-over either, and it was hard to get what I wanted on the website when someone else decides what to change or not change.

Phone books will be printing for the last time in the next few years, and the expensive adds I used to place are gone with them.  Amazing changes.  Very fast.

As I finish this website and get it moving in a different direction, I’ll post what else I’ve learned through the years of website school of hard knocks.

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