Single? Make A List of The Parter You Desire

So, you are single and looking?  Can’t seem to find the right person or always finding the wrong person?

Try these 3 ideas:

Start with making a list of what you’d want in your partner, with what is important to YOU…not to your roommate or your family.  For example:

  • Honest
  • Educated
  • Kind to their parents
  • Wants kids/doesn’t want kids
  • Athletic
  • Likes dogs
  • Is my same religion
  • Has my same political ideas
  • Enjoys Movies, Fishing, Cooking, Gardening

Get the picture?  What is important to YOU?  Be EXTREMELY specific. This example list is not as specific as yours should be.

Next, get a Feng Shui book to help you create a space in your life for having your partner “fit into”, as if they will walk into your house, work, etc at ANY time! Be ready.  Some simple things to do:

  • Set 2 place settings at your table
  • Have an extra coffee cup available
  • Have 2 bath towels hanging
  • Make some space in the closet
  • Hang pictures of 2’s: 2 animals together, any shape in 2’s, etc
  • Put out some fresh cut flowers in your kitchen

Finally, notice your own energy output.  What is it like?  Ask someone you really trust to tell you honestly how they see you?  Do you see the glass half full or half empty?  Are you a giver or a taker? Do you make people wrong in conversations or in your thinking, or do you give people every excuse for their actions? Just be honest about these areas.

Which areas are you willing to look at and which are you not in your own behavior.  Which behavior are you SURE you don’t want around you in a partner.  Excellent.

If you are so mad at the pool of possible dating options and just KNOW that you won’t find someone, then take a break! You can’t win a game when you start the game KNOWING you’ll loose!  Take a breather until you can change your attitude. Go garden. Or do some Hot Yoga! Get a colonic. 🙂 And best idea yet, get a 90 minute massage.

Now, try to remember that there is someone for everyone, and maybe your someone is sitting, lonely, wondering who you are, making their list of you.

Let me know if these ideas work for you…they did for me. 🙂

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