Remember the Crossing Guards

Redesigned logo used from 2011-present.

Redesigned logo used from 2011-present. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As we prepare for the end of yet another school year, I give money to each child’s Room Mom to collectively buy a gift for the teachers.

Sometimes I add to the “main gift” and sometimes I find something to give separately.  A Massage gift certificate is not always a good choice, I found out, depending on whether the teacher likes or has ever tried massage.  Teachers are also TERRIBLE at finding time for themselves, so they may not use a massage GC, or just give it to their spouse.

I have assumed (wrongly) that teachers like chocolate and/or Starbucks gift certificates …because that’s usually a safe bet and “there are 15 Starbucks fairly close to me” according to Siri on my iPhone.  But, again, a tad bit of communication with the teacher proves helpful.

At our school we can volunteer quite a bit and I do.  I love this year’s teachers and yet have not slipped the “what would you like” conversation between the “how’s my kid doing in class” conversations.

Though there is a “my favorites” list passed out at the beginning of the year for each teacher to answer such questions, I tend to like to get a unique gift that they will forever cherish….which is not at all on this list…a gift which I can figure out with my mind reading powers.

Here we are, at the last few days of school, which are jammed packed with massage appointments as I realize that my “open” schedule is about to go away for the summer months.  As you can imagine, this leaves me oodles of extra time to find an amazingly meaningful remembrance of our family to these wonderful Role Models.

I think we are also trying to savor the last bit of teacherly influence as the hours of belonging in their classrooms disappear.  Time marches on, and another set of students will take this classes place.  Maybe the gift I find can remind the teachers of the wonderful impact they had on my kids so they can continue their patience on a hard day with new students.

It turns out that the love-filled trips I’ve taken to the Rio Grande Arts & Crafts Festival with my Mom have landed the perfect gift ideas, especially from a glass art maker, Brian Vaughn from Tortolita Creations.

As I get out of my car with gift bags a-plenty, holding some with my teeth, closing the car door with my glorious backside, I look up with strings and tags in my mouth, only to notice the always-there, always-helpful crossing guard is smiling, keeping us all safe as we are oblivious to moving cars with texting parents inside…oblivious because our awesome crossing guard is doing his job keeping those dangers at bay. Oops. Forgot him again.

Back to Starbucks I go.

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