Getting to Vancouver: Planes, Trains & Automobiles…& Cruises

Our cruise is set, paid for, and waiting for us.  Now we just need to get to Vancouver.  It’s funny because I almost forgot to make that happen, as if just finishing all the cruise arrangements magically finished everything else.  Though the cruise line will make all the travel arrangements, I decided to finish the rest myself.  Now, after some of the hiccups I ran into, I can see why people have the cruise line make all the travel arrangements.  For me, I can usually find what I need quickly so it makes sense for us to do it ourselves.

We usually use Southwest Airlines to fly to the places we like to visit…but this wasn’t an option since Southwest doesn’t fly to Vancouver. This was the first hiccup, but alas, there are other airlines…aren’t there?

The next option was American Airlines and other airlines similar like Delta, Alaska Air, Canada Air, which all had very high prices that took the round trip fare close to $2800.00.  I started looking for plan B.

There was a special on Southwest to fly to Seattle for $100 per person & then an Amtrak train ride from Seattle to Vancouver for less than $250 round-trip for our entire family!  Phew!  Even with the added overnight needed to make the plane arrival and train departure work out was much less than the flights to Vancouver.

Now, we get to cross “train ride” off our bucket list AND see Seattle as well!

From one of my clients recommendations to stay downtown, I started looking for a hotel near The Pike Place Fish Market”.  She also recommended a Treehouse Motel, but my husband wasn’t game for that adventure.

Chihuly Garden and Glass in Seattle, WA

Chihuly Garden and Glass in Seattle, WA

There seems to be much to see from these downtown hotels without renting a car.  My daughter is extra excited because she gets to see the Chihuly blown glass art exhibit in Seattle.  She just finished studying Chihuly in her art class and seeing his art this soon after this class is perfect timing.

This is a great adventure and I’m glad Seattle was added to our summer!  If you have any suggestions for our short stay on the way to Vancouver & the way back, we have a total of 48 hours in Seattle.

And thank you to Amtrak for saving us $1500!!

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