is Awesome!

A new way for Massage Therapists to manage their businesses.

A new way for Massage Therapists to manage their businesses. is a new scheduling, bookkeeping, notes taking, client management site for massage therapists, yoga instructors, personal trainers, etc.  This is a simple system of keeping track of this specific business type, with easy scheduling, client tracking, etc.

How it works:  It’s FREE, yes, that’s the best part!  You pay $6 (the amount may have changed) for each client finds for you.  A very small referral fee for sending you a paying client!  Besides that, the use of the site to run your business does not cost anything.

I have been searching for an integrated way to run my medium sized massage business for years. In the process I have tried Millenium, SpaBoom, MindBody & a homemade version of software without a name.  Each has good and not so good features for small businesses like mine. (I have blog drafts to finish regarding each of these options…coming soon). is made by massage therapists for massage therapists.  So far, I really like their feedback and the way things are constantly changing for the better.  Right now, for example, they don’t have a tax option, since the state in which the software authors reside don’t require Gross Receipts Tax like my state does.  So, instead, I’ve had to improvise and add the tax to the price.  Unfortunately, it’s off just a few pennies because there are also no “cents” just “dollar” amount options (as of this writing, that is, an it changes often).

Since small glitches change often and bugs get taken out and beautiful ideas put in their places, I am willing to do some extra background work in order to support this group and to use the user friendly interface.

What scheduling software have you used and like? I’d love to hear about other options too.

2 thoughts on “ is Awesome!

  1. Thanks for the wonderful review!

    I’m one of the lead engineers and developers of MassageBook. I’m glad you noticed how rapidly things change in our software. We release a new version every two weeks and we’ve been doing that for dozens of releases now. Lots of fixes and new things to enjoy each time.

    We’re getting to the tax issue 🙂 So much to do and so little time!

    Thanks again!


    • HI Mark!
      Thanks for your comment, and thanks for your work on MassageBook.
      I really do appreciate the existence of MassageBook because of what it has to offer. Even with it being in the beginning stages, I find it easy to use and keep track of the things I need: the schedule, payments, client contact, emails, etc.
      With each update, I’m excited to see what has made “the list” of improvements for the week.
      Again, thanks for your energy, effort, focus and mostly for listening to what is important to Massage Therapists. 🙂

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