Day One Journal vs. MacJournal

I love this comparison of the Journaling apps. I use Day One and love it, yet it doesn’t allow for audio or video quite yet, so I was considering trying MacJournal, but I think I’ll keep with Day One for a while.

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day one macjournal

I’m more than a little bit obsessed about journals. I love writing down my thoughts and feelings in a book that I can refer back to when I need to remember certain events or get help from myself. I also find it to be therapeutic. So as my last mission journal came to a close about 6 months after my mission, it was important for me to figure out the future of my journals.

Now i’m a “paperless” kind of guy. The less papers I have to deal with, the more comfortable I am. I like text being editable, searchable, and friendly. I also liked the idea of my journal entries having the ability to do more than text (i.e. photo, video, and sound). So on this journey to go paperless with my journals these were some important features. I’ve tried a number of journal ideas from Evernote to MacJournal

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