“Want Happy Kids? Love Each Other”

That’s what a Catholic Priest told us as he was blessing my pregnant stomach during FamilyPica fund raiser.  The priest held his hand on my stomach & our little baby underneath, and gave a wonderful prayer/blessing. That was 12 years ago, and what I remember most are the words he said,

“If you want happy kids, you will need to love each other.”

It’s always stuck with me.

He was right.  Our kids watch us:  how we talk to each other, how we resolve conflicts or arguments,  how we solve problems that are outside of our family.   They watch much more than that!!  They watch how we walk and they mimic our movements.  They watch how we breath and they breath the same way.

If you throw a ball really far, efficiently and effortlessly, your kids–boys AND girls–will too.  If you roll your neck forward, drag one of your feet, respond with yelling, pout when you lose, blame other, pray out loud each day, get up late, get up early, enjoy life, complain about life… one thing is clear if you are a parent:  your kids will mimic you.

Our kids watch how we brush our teeth, what we eat in the morning or before bed.  They mimic how we nod to strangers.  My daughter clears her throat just like I do.  I see my kids wipe their fingers on their pants like their Dad…

It’s cool and eerie at the same time.  Lots of responsibility…but a big reminder that partenthood/marriage is important.  It’s not easy.  It takes work, but the rewards are countless.

I feel so lucky to have kids and a great husband… at least right now with everyone quiet–not asking me for food or clean clothes or a ride.

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