Hello!  My name is Ruth, I’m an optimist, a lover of all people, mom of 2 great kids, 1

IMG_1542 CZ-141 dog, 2 guinea pigs and wife to The Best Husband Ever.  That’s actually what I call him…

Blogging is new to me. It’s such a cool community (mostly) and I try to read new blogs every day.

I’m doing my best to learn this new language and blog about what’s going on in my crazy brain.  I feel so normal as I read what’s going on in other people’s crazy brains.  So very normal.

Add writing/blogging as yet another iron in my huge fire.

If I actually count the number of irons I have in the proverbial fire, it’s like a pin cushion…or like a very crowded fondue pot with the little colored tips pointing out…but there are so many colors that the “color-coding” in my mind of which color stands for “kids’ taxi driver” or which color stands for “Take care of the dog & guinea pigs” get all muddled.  It is no wonder that more than once I’ve found the milk in my closet and my socks in the fridge… Blogging will help, right?  Any words of proverbial wisdom????

I love fondue…