Hand Update

I saw Dr. Bernstein last week to check my hand, and see if he had any ideas for the pain I’ve been feeling.

The appointment started right on time at New Mexico Orthopedics, I was checked in and my hand x-rayed. After a non-rushed, very thorough exam of each finger, action, movement, etc, Dr. Bernstein’s tests kept finding good news.

My hand, fingers and wrist are very strong. He found no broken bones, no nerve damage, no tendon damage. Possibly some chronic muscle soreness that could be helped with physical therapy, stretching, strength exercises and rest.

My best news: there is absolutely NO arthritis! He wished he had more he could say to help me, but he suggested rest, ice, and strengthening.

All good news! It was good to find out for sure what is NOT going wrong. Knowing that the tendons, bones and nerves are healthy, I feel more comfortable causing more pain with physical therapy and strengthening. Before, if my hand hurt more, I was afraid that I was causing more damage. This information is very liberating for me.

Now, just to keep resting, try a few massages to see if I recover in a decent amount of time.