10 Must-Do’s in a Massage Therapist’s Week

10 Must-Do’s in a Massage Therapist’s Week

Massage Snacks10 Must Do’s in a Massage Therapists’ week:

  1. Eat Breakfast!  We use approximately 200-600 calories per massage!
  2. Eat snacks in-between massages
  3. Use good body Mechanics…this is not a myth, it will make or break you
  4. Get plenty of rest
  5. Deep breathe during and between massages
  6. Stretch: your neck, forearms, back and legs
  7. Learn to protect yourself spiritually with prayer or other (watch for my upcoming blog on Massage Energy Zaps)
  8. Keep clear time-boundaries with clients
  9. Maintain a clean, organized workspace.  In my opinion, keep your massage table made with clean sheets and ready for your next client
  10. Stay strong: exercise regularly, 3x/week, focusing on hands, arms, back, legs and core

Is there anything I missed?  What do you find most beneficial as a Massage Therapist to keep you going?

2013 Summer Bucket List

SumThe kids and I came up with the activities we wanted to add to this summer’s list of how to spend our time…besides relaxing, reading & traveling to Alaska.  We also try to add daily flashcards and writing.  The school work is good to keep track of with stickers for each completion to earn some “Toy store money”.

Since there were so many activities, we made a schedule of events and then invited some friends to have a itty bitty summer camp of fun. I’ll let you know how it goes.

  • Zoo
  • Aquarium
  • Explora
  • Natural History Museum (and Dynamax movies)
  • Romero’s Street Cafe
  • Gravity Park (Trampoline Park)
  • Stone Age Climbing Gym
  • Swimming
  • Xtreme Hangtime (Trampoline Park)
  • A day in the Jemez Mountains
  • Take the Rail Runner to Santa Fe
  • Putt-Putt Golf
  • Hinkle Family Fun Center
  • Cliffs Amusement Park
  • Isotopes Baseball Game
  • Sandia Tram Ride & Picnic
  • Radisson Water Park
  • Make Flubber
  • Gardening at Los Polanos Organic Farm
  • Archery
  • Hiking
  • Roller Skating
  • Ice Skating
  • Bowling
  • Movies
  • Water Fights
  • Water Balloon Tosses
  • Cooking Contests
  • Make Father’s Day gifts
  • Make Silly Putty
  • Have a Backyard Movie
  • Make our own Putt Putt course
  • Make an igloo out of milk cartons
  • Have a “Christmas Week” in July
  • Make tents, forts and swings
  • Plant an Herb Garden
  • Tea Parties outside
  • Learn to make smoothies
  • Learn to make healthy snacks
  • Make homemade “passports” or scrapbooks of the summer
  • Go to some Aquarium Concerts

Phew!  Let’s see if we can include all of these activities in our summer plans for 2013.  I’ll give you weekly updates on the progress. :))

What are you doing for the summer?

My Kids Discovered Roller Skating

Rollerskating 101

First, it was a birthday party at the roller skating rink, for which they were intimidated and worried.  It didn’t help that it was packed with families, we had to fight for parking, and as we waited to find our birthday party there was a team of fire fighters rolling a teenage girl out on a stretcher and another young girl with ice on her head.  I can’t say I was too excited for my kids to jump into this environment after witnessing our first 2 minutes of injuries.

We found our birthday party, then put our skates on.  My kids couldn’t stand up and looked like young fawns learning to walk.  I was trying to stop myself from laughing out loud while helping them keep their composure at the same time.  My arms were sore for days. Plus, I was no expert myself, bent over and awkward, pulling from my ’80’s disco roller skating muscle memory.  We were quite the site that day.

After about 20 minutes of falling with every 3rd step, each of the kids got the hang of it and let go of me and the wall.  By the end of the 2 hour session, they were both going laps without falling.  Now, several weeks later, with our own rollerblades now, and they are joining the “speed skating” competition and doing laps around me.

Jake is now on the Roller Hockey Team for Kindergarten-2nd Graders, and Elizabeth wants to start in the Fall.

What’s great about roller skating, is that the kids are so worn out afterwards, that it’s a guaranteed break for me when we get home.  Or, more honestly, a sure nap for all of us when we get home.  Also, unfortunately, it’s also a sure thing for my son to have blisters.