Subtle Massage is great Right After a Car Accident

If you or someone you know has been in a recent car accident, keep in mind that light massage, Cranial Sacral Therapy or Core Synchronism treatments are VERY beneficial even moments after a car accident. If the victim is feeling fine at the moment, suggest they become proactive, and get ahead of possible whiplash symptoms that may follow if they don’t get treated.

Deeper massage techniques can come later, in a few weeks.  Even regular massage pressure can have the opposite effect, causing more pain or bruising to the car accident victim.

Subtle massage treatments are so gentle, they cannot cause any harm. These techniques work mostly with the nervous system, using very little pressure on the body so the car accident victim will feel more balanced and relaxed after one of these sessions.

These types of treatments help balance the body again, both in body and the brain. Literally, the brain can be tossed around in the skull during a car accident. Often a victim isn’t feeling pain RIGHT THEN, saying that they feel “fine”, sometimes feeling “lucky” for not having to go to the hospital. It is common for us to hear after an accident that someone “walked away without a scratch”. Though it may be true that the outside of the body was not harmed, the severe jolt to the brain, spine, spinal cord and joints can come back to bite later.

Here are some quotes from several car accident victims we have helped through the years, describing that they feel, “anxious”, “confused”, “not quite right”, “weepy”, “partial memory loss”, “out of breath”. This is common language for these victims, and many of them feel “crazy” for feeling this way, feeling that there is no reason for these symptoms to exist. These symptoms ARE Whiplash. Most of us hear the normal whiplash symptoms like headaches, muscle pain, neck pain, muscle spasms, but the more sneaky, not commonly discussed symptoms are the ones that can ruin your day.

Whiplash can creep up on people after an accident. Some uncommon symptoms of whiplash:
Anxiety, Shaking, Tremors Jaw and/or teeth pain, Sudden crying, Shortness of breath, Sudden disorientation, Partial memory loss, Apathy, Loss of appetite, Stomach pain, ┬ámany others…So, if you or someone you know is in a car accident, suggest “subtle massage techniques” for them to feel better right after the accident.

Our Favorite Stretch

If you don’t have a ball, you can lay on the ground. Or, you can do a side bend…but the ball works best.

Try this stretch for aching in your neck, shoulder, arm or low back. The key is to point and push your big toe into the ground. This will help stretch your hip away from your shoulder which gives a great stretch.

Start by sitting on the ball, turning on your side with your hip pointing toward the ceiling. Push your upper toe into the ground, and try to place it as far behind you as possible.

Next, reach your arm over your head.

Try to get the most distance between your hip bone and your shoulder. Twist your chest toward the ceiling, then away–looking down–to get the best range of stretching from this position.

This is by far my favorite stretch and the most requested by my clients.

Does it work for you? If not, what is aching on you? Maybe we can come up with a better stretch for you. Email me.Image