2013 Summer Bucket List

SumThe kids and I came up with the activities we wanted to add to this summer’s list of how to spend our time…besides relaxing, reading & traveling to Alaska.  We also try to add daily flashcards and writing.  The school work is good to keep track of with stickers for each completion to earn some “Toy store money”.

Since there were so many activities, we made a schedule of events and then invited some friends to have a itty bitty summer camp of fun. I’ll let you know how it goes.

  • Zoo
  • Aquarium
  • Explora
  • Natural History Museum (and Dynamax movies)
  • Romero’s Street Cafe
  • Gravity Park (Trampoline Park)
  • Stone Age Climbing Gym
  • Swimming
  • Xtreme Hangtime (Trampoline Park)
  • A day in the Jemez Mountains
  • Take the Rail Runner to Santa Fe
  • Putt-Putt Golf
  • Hinkle Family Fun Center
  • Cliffs Amusement Park
  • Isotopes Baseball Game
  • Sandia Tram Ride & Picnic
  • Radisson Water Park
  • Make Flubber
  • Gardening at Los Polanos Organic Farm
  • Archery
  • Hiking
  • Roller Skating
  • Ice Skating
  • Bowling
  • Movies
  • Water Fights
  • Water Balloon Tosses
  • Cooking Contests
  • Make Father’s Day gifts
  • Make Silly Putty
  • Have a Backyard Movie
  • Make our own Putt Putt course
  • Make an igloo out of milk cartons
  • Have a “Christmas Week” in July
  • Make tents, forts and swings
  • Plant an Herb Garden
  • Tea Parties outside
  • Learn to make smoothies
  • Learn to make healthy snacks
  • Make homemade “passports” or scrapbooks of the summer
  • Go to some Aquarium Concerts

Phew!  Let’s see if we can include all of these activities in our summer plans for 2013.  I’ll give you weekly updates on the progress. :))

What are you doing for the summer?

How Often Should You Get a Massage?

iStock_000008895600Small   iStock_000011490260Small

1 hour per month is the quick answer-for the regular NON-COMPETING person. (For competing athletes in training, this article is not for you.)

For preventative healthcare in your life, have a 1 hour massage each month, IF you don’t have any nagging pains, depression issues, injuries, recent surgeries (within 1 year). Start now and your body will thank you.  Just think…how the world would change if everyone had a massage every month!!

With chronic pain, anxiety, recent injuries or surgeries & other possible ailments, having a massage 1-2 per week —-until your issue is resolved—- is the best plan of attack.  Depending on your issue, this could take 1-12 weeks, or longer.  Try to think of this as an incredible investment into your healthcare, into your longevity, health, happiness & smart living.

After the pain or anxiety stays away for more than 1 week, then start to spread out the time between massages: 10 days, then 14 days, then 21 days, and finally 28 days between massages.  Remember to stay 14 days, 14 days, etc, until there is no pain for that entire time between sessions.  You could even call your therapist & push your appointment out a few days if you don’t feel pain yet.

It is not uncommon to need a weekly massage for a few weeks within this entire process…especially for off-season marathon runners or MMA fighters between fights, or people recovering from hip/knee replacements, for example.  Don’t give up hope!! This is not a set-back, instead, it’s a shift for your healing process and a time when your body may need just a bit more support.

Truly learning how to support your body by understanding what it needs to heal is a great gift.  Once your brain and your body are on the same team and not fighting each other, many things start to click into place.

When you have 28 days between massages PAIN FREE, there is nothing better for client or therapist!!  Even the first week without pain is very exciting.  Just remember that it can take a few weeks, but if you are consistent & gentle with yourself, miracles can happen.

Start this week!  Have a massage and de-stress.  Breathe deeper.  Feel more peace. Hope.  And most of all, Love.  Yourself.

Family Car Day-to-Day Summer List

What do you carry in your car day-to-day with kids? It really depends on how big your car is and how much room you might have…and how organized you are. I have been adding and subtracting from my van each year and seasonally. I’d love to hear your ideas of helpful car-hints.  I stay organized for a whopping 5 minutes each season when I re-organize the car.

Year Round:

  • Kleenex
  • Small trash can (as if this matters…)
  • Hand wipes
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Band-aides
  • Neosporin
  • Sunscreen
  • Kids Benadryl
  • First Aid Kit (but, this is so skimpy…a store-bought little box)

For the Summer I add some things:

  • Apis (Homeopathic Remedy for Bee Stings)
  • Water
  • Swim Bag: Towels, Suits, goggles, sunscreen, flip-flops
  • Folder with plain paper, markers & pencils
  • Tennis Bag: tennis requests, tennis balls
  • Golf Bags: clubs, gloves, sunscreen, water (golf stuff is so huge, it only comes in once a week)
  • Soccer Ball
  • Park stuff: frisbee, football
  • Leash, dog water bowl

When we travel in the car:

  • Snacks
  • Lap desks
  • Cards & travel games
  • More water

What are some helpful or cool things you like having in your car?

Happy Almost Summer 🙂

Our Favorite Stretch

If you don’t have a ball, you can lay on the ground. Or, you can do a side bend…but the ball works best.

Try this stretch for aching in your neck, shoulder, arm or low back. The key is to point and push your big toe into the ground. This will help stretch your hip away from your shoulder which gives a great stretch.

Start by sitting on the ball, turning on your side with your hip pointing toward the ceiling. Push your upper toe into the ground, and try to place it as far behind you as possible.

Next, reach your arm over your head.

Try to get the most distance between your hip bone and your shoulder. Twist your chest toward the ceiling, then away–looking down–to get the best range of stretching from this position.

This is by far my favorite stretch and the most requested by my clients.

Does it work for you? If not, what is aching on you? Maybe we can come up with a better stretch for you. Email me.Image

Pray for My Momma, She Fell and Shattered Her Wrist

Mom's wrist after she fell roller skating

Mom’s wrist after she fell roller skating

My awesome, fun, crafty and faithful Momma fell yesterday and shattered her left wrist. She is 70. We were roller skating. With her grandchildren, my kids. For the first time since she was 13. 🙂

Yes, I know…what were we thinking, roller skating, for the first time since she was 13, without anyone holding her up. It was an interesting, yet very bold and courageous (she says stupid) activity to attempt.

We can’t change it now.

She fell down, putting her left arm back to break her fall, which it did in 4 places.

The “Health & Wellness Tip” from our experience would be NOT to roller skate at 70 years old…maybe at all, but especially without someone strong, without skates on, holding you up. And maybe plenty of padding strapped to your body and armor strapped to you wrists…

Mom and I broke out in a nervous laughter as the EMT explained to the hospital who was in the ambulance:

“We have a 70 year old female who fell roller skating and possibly broke her wrist….No, a 70 year old female, not a 7 year old female. Yes, 70.”

The EMT couldn’t hear the hospitals response from our laughter.

She was in lots of pain and couldn’t have pain killers for whatever reason, so we were trying to find other things to think about.

My poor Mom!

She has surgery this Monday…prayers are always welcomed!

Ice Massage for Stubborn Bruises


Use ice massage for stubborn leg, foot, hand or arm injuries.  I have also used it on the neck and shoulder, but those are a bit harder to make work without getting your client soaked with cold water.

Ice massage is very quick.

It is also a good idea to use a heated table cover and to cover your client with a blanket.

I use a cup especially designed for ice massage, and it’s very convenient but not essential.  Before these cups I used paper cups, filled them half-way with water and froze them.  When I needed them, I would simply rip the top of the cup off and was ready to go.

So, get your ice and 2 towels.  Put the larger towel under the area to protect your sheets and soak up any melting water from the ice.

Have your massage lotion or oil close because you will want to use it directly after icing.

Drape the 2nd towel over your shoulder, having it ready to blot any drops of melting ice.  There is nothing more uncomfortable than dripping ice-water.

On the focus area including at least 3 inches beyond the focus area, move the ice quickly back and forth in a circle, then blot the drips; move ice quickly back and forth, then blot, etc, until the skin is bright pink and the client tells you that their skin is numb to the touch.  This will take about 3-5 minutes.

Put the ice in a set, safe location, dry off the focus area as you are getting oil or lotion and immediately begin deep stripping on the most sensitive area, pushing towards the heart.

Use cross fiber friction as well as deep stripping, trying to feel for the knot(s).  Only do 4-6 passes with deep pressure. Next, widen the area on which you are working and assimilate all areas.

The next deep passes will need to wait for about an hour, after the area is warm again and the skin is not longer cold.  Stretch, use MFR, and NMT and deep tissue between sessions.

I will try to get a video of this out soon.  If you have any questions, email me. 🙂

The Great Southwest Track and Field Classic


Southwest Classic Track Meet

Southwest Classic Track Meet

The Great Southwest Track and Field Classic

Some of the best high school track and field athletes in the nation will be gathered in New Mexico on May 31st-June 2nd! They will be competing in the 37th annual Great Southwest Track and Field classic that is hosted at the University of New Mexico’s Track and Field Stadium. Come and Take advantage of the opportunity to see some up and coming stars in the sport of Track and Field!

And wave to Cory and Daniella as they provide Sports Massage for the Athletes. 🙂

Thanks Cory & Daniella!