9 Ways to Get Stress Out of Your Body

happy fitness woman dancingOver the years of doing massage on so many people, we’ve learned some effective ways to reduce stress in the massage office and away from the office.

Stress is held in your cells if you don’t let it out. Here are several ways to help your body de-stress:

1. Breathe: Take a deep breath! Just one deep breath can make a big dent in any pent-up stress. Try taking 10 deep breathes while your driving…don’t hyperventilate.

2. Stretch: Light stretches in a slow, controlled manner are very stress relieving. Yoga is a great way to start.  Some people are intimidated by “yoga”, but a beginning yoga class can teach stretching.  We also

3. Cry or Laugh: Blubbering Crying or Belly Laughter are two of the quickest ways to release stress from your body. Watch a sad movie or listen to a sad song and cry your hardest!

4. Sing: Singing is a great way to loosen the throat and neck area. The louder the better, and try to stay on one note for a few seconds to get the most vibration in your throat as possible. Get in your car, turn up the radio and go for it!!

5. Write or Talk: Writing in a journal or talking to your best friends is a great way to relieve stress. Just don’t linger on subjects that keep your body tight. Get it out, take a deep breath and let your body relax.

6. Exercise: Light exercise is great to get stress out of each cell. If you are a pro athlete or you exercise hard every day, then choose a different way to de-stress.

7. Get a Massage: Getting a Relaxation Massage is the BEST way to support your body to relax. Get to the appointment early and be sure to have the rest of the day to relax and nap!! I suggest 1 massage per month

8. Hydrotherapy: A nice warm shower or bath, using ice on your affected area, sitting in a hot tub, etc, each are big stress relievers. Try crying and singing in the shower with some ice on your shoulder! :))

9. Meditation or Prayer: Calm and quiet, sitting still is ALWAYS a good way to relieve stress! If you have not tried to meditate yet, or you just can’t calm your mind for long, start with 10 seconds and add a little more when you can.

Our Favorite Stretch

If you don’t have a ball, you can lay on the ground. Or, you can do a side bend…but the ball works best.

Try this stretch for aching in your neck, shoulder, arm or low back. The key is to point and push your big toe into the ground. This will help stretch your hip away from your shoulder which gives a great stretch.

Start by sitting on the ball, turning on your side with your hip pointing toward the ceiling. Push your upper toe into the ground, and try to place it as far behind you as possible.

Next, reach your arm over your head.

Try to get the most distance between your hip bone and your shoulder. Twist your chest toward the ceiling, then away–looking down–to get the best range of stretching from this position.

This is by far my favorite stretch and the most requested by my clients.

Does it work for you? If not, what is aching on you? Maybe we can come up with a better stretch for you. Email me.Image